The Cathares Castles Print

Catharism was a name given to a Christian religious movement with dualistic

and gnostic elements that appeared in the Languedoc region of France and

other parts of Europe in the 11th century and flourished in the 12th and 13th centuries.

The movement was extinguished in the early decades of the thirteenth century,

when the Cathares were persecuted and massacred under the Inquisition.

Ansignan is located in the heart of the Cathares Region and Carcassonne is the

biggest Cathares Castle, just over an hour drive from Ansignan.

Closer to Ansignan is the Queribus Castle. It is one of 5 Cathares Castles located

within 50 kilometres of Ansignan and is the closest one 20 km away.

Pic 1

It is also one of the most spectacular as it is perched on a Cliff (pic 1 & 2)

Pic 2

overlooking the valley below (pic 3).

Pic 3

It is easily accessible from the parking below and offer fantastic views of the

surrounding including the Pyrenees (pic 4)

Pic 4

and the City of Perpignan with the Mediteranean Sea less than 60 km to the west (pic 5)

Pic 5